Effects of a Lack of Sleep and the Best Tips for Sleeping Well

Sleep is the indispensable rest so all of us absolutely need to lead a healthy and happy life. Yet we tend to think of sleep as a waste of time, without being aware of the real impact it has on our lives, our health and our bodies.

Thus, the disturbances of sleep are usual, too usual since we know that 47% of the Swedish suffer

And be aware that you can solve your problem differently and more effectively by treating the problem at the source so that it is no longer necessary to use treatments to be able to sleep.

Some suffer from sleep disturbances when they travel because of time shifts when for others this phenomenon is a real problem of everyday life.

The effects of lack of sleep: Watch out for danger!

Difficulties in falling asleep and suffering from insomnia you prove that sleep disorders are not to be taken lightly and that a lack of sleep can represent a real danger for your body and your mind, here are the risks you You expose if you never do anything to solve your problem.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of Sleep

After one bad night, here are the effects that lack of sleep can have on you:

This can have an impact on your appetite, you may have a feeling of diminished satiety, moreover, a study has shown that there is a link between lack of sleep and the tendency to eat in greater quantity and especially less good food for the health.

It is possible that you are more awkward than usual because fatigue interferes with your coordination, your concentration etc. This can be very dangerous especially when driving.

This can affect your interpersonal relationships, a study has shown that exhausted people are far more difficult to approach because they seem sadder and less attractive.

Lack of sleep – you can lose brain mass.

You are more skin-flowering, the emotional centers of the brain can be up to 60% more reactive.

Problems due to some sleep disorders is only a non-exhaustive list of what you expose yourself only after a bad night, here is what you risk when it is in your habits of little or bad sleep:

During the Sleep 2017 conference, research revealed that the lack of sleep could multiply by four your stroke risk as someone of identical morphology sleeps 7 or 8 hours a day.

A causal link has been established between chronic sleep loss and obesity, so you expose yourself to significant risks of gaining weight.

A sleep study has shown that in less sleep, you reduce your life expectancy.

Fatigue can have an impact on your libido, and in men, this can also reduce sperm count, a study in Denmark showed that men who lack sleep have a lower sperm concentration of 29%.

Tips for sleeping well and solving your sleep problems

First of all, be aware that your diet can play an important role and have a real impact on your sleep, just as being overweight can affect the quality of your rest. As far as food is concerned, the three main tricks are to not drink alcohol, avoid the excitement and take a tablespoon of almond puree each before bedtime if you have any nocturnal cravings.

Also, it is important to know that to fall asleep, your body temperature must drop. So avoid the sport at night which is both an exciting but also a great way to increase your body temperature.

Moreover, the winter did not put your heating too strong because it could damage your sleep, or cut the one hour before bedtime. You can if you like, take a cool shower just before you go to bed.

Adjust the brightness of your room to increase the production of melatonin

Pay attention to your exposure to light as the body is set according to day/night brightness, so the light retards the natural production of melatonin which is the hormone that will allow you to sleep. So if you use your computer or your laptop before you sleep, it will delay your sleep.

If you have sleep problems, you can try melatonin supplements that will allow you to fall asleep more easily through plants, including valerian, California poppy etc.

Is there a substitute for helping us sleep well to absorb?

Magnesium can also actually help you sleep. It has a significant relaxing action, so it avoids the stress and promotes sleep. Unfortunately, magnesium deficiencies are very common but are often not taken seriously because magnesium is not always known for his virtues.

Sleep well with a natural solution – Melatonin

The alternative very commonly chosen by many is to have to resort to taking melatonin. Buying melatonin is not expensive and you can buy melatonin from your local supermarket, drug store, pharmacy or online retailer. You can find a substitute to your insomnia disorders and be able to regulate more optimally your sleep cycles.

There are many other means to try to resolve your sleep as including acupuncture disorders, however you can already started by improving some of the points that we have just mentioned to try and fix the problem yourself 100% natural.

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