Vibe Attracts Tribe the Radiating Warmth of the Coffee Pashmina!

Brown, the tint of chocolate, coffee and earth, everything a simplistic human loves. Brown can radiate an aura that signifies comfort, and a feeling of homecoming.
So, if you’re thinking of embracing the pashmina culture, and buying yourself the captivating cashmere pashmina, this year, go for brown. However, styling any brown shawl requires careful consideration.

While most people prefer to combine this soft shade with contrasts, darker hues can work explicitly well too. The reason being brown isn’t an overbearing shade, and hence, pairing it with simplistic shades can help both the tones work together in harmony.

brown pashmina

So, today will be all about colour compatibility! Let’s discover together, the best shades to pair with coffee cashmere shawls for depicting a warm persona –

Colour compatibility with the coffee brown pashmina –

Crimson/ruby red

Crimson, is striking, boisterous and defies rules. For the girl with a bold personality, combining a crimson garb with the brown shawl is a good option. This domineering red attire paired sweet brown mix to elude a warm, sophisticated aura which can work well at any social gathering.

For example – If you own say a red M&S Collection Pure Cotton Beach Dress, then, match it with any brown pashmina tied in a classic knot.

Pink galore

Pink and brown is ideal for the fashionable preppy girl. Bubbly and cheerful this happy go lucky combination will help represent a friendly vibe which will make people instantly like you.

For formal events, go for a pink bodycon like the M&S Collection Linen Blend Sleeveless Tunic Dress & finish the garb by accessorising with any brown shawl.

Canary/ lime yellow

The brightest and most soothing shade in the spectrum, depicting optimism & warmth, yellow is one perfect colour for the optimistic lady. To amplify the energetic vibe of yellow, match it with brown to elude a stylish classic vibe.

For a casual day at college, use your pashmina with an attractive Classic Round Neck Long Sleeve Shell Top. Finish off by donning sneakers along with the comfy M&S Collection Sculpt & Lift Jeggings.

Intense navy

If you’re a working mom, looking to elude and elegant self-assured aura, then combining the broody navy with the warm brown is a perfect choice.

For regular workday, you can pair outfits like the M&S Collection Peplum Hem Midi Dress, & with a matching brown wrap.

Charcoal black

For winter parties, or engagements or cocktail socialite gatherings, black is the shade to match the hoity-toity aura of the elite. So, to complement the intense black, your brown pashmina can be a good choice for radiating an aristocratic aura.

Say you have an engagement party, style your pashmina with a high fashion knot, and don an attire like the M&S Collection Front Split Slip Midi Dress.

However, if you’re opting for a night out or reception party, go a little bolder with the M&S Collection Halter Neck Swing Mini Dress to depict the ultimate fashion diva.

[Note: If you’re religious, you can also pair a shirt like the M&S Collection CURVE Satin Notch Neck 3/4 Sleeve Blouse and look stylish at Mass.]

So, try the above style mentioned today, or why don’t you experiment with more altruistic shades to match with the brown pashmina?

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