What do Doctors Recommend for Certain Mental Disorders?

Missing a night of restful sleep generally makes a body fatigued. So, what can be the consequences when one has prolonged sleepless nights?

Well, the answer is chronic insomnia!

From affecting one’s motor skills to the emotional center, sleep deprivation has a lot of negative effects, which can also lead to depression.


To maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle, melatonin is essential. Low levels of melatonin play a crucial role in several health issues including high blood pressure, ageing one’s brain etc.

However, apart from inducing a good night’s sleep, melatonin supplements play an imperative role in treating various mental disorders including depression, schizophrenia, and autism to name a few.


Mental Disorders

Intrigued? Read further to know further details:

Melatonin and autism

Studies show that children with autism have positive results to treat onset insomnia with supplemental melatonin. These supplements are also considered effective for improving behavioural problems of autistic disorders.

Researchers say intake of melatonin in a proper dose is of immense help to ameliorate the concentration of these children. So, melatonin is a promising treatment for kids suffering from autistic disorder spectrum without creating any susceptible effects.

Melatonin and anxiety

Anxiety is a common issue faced by the millennials. From handling peer pressure to personal problems, stress can crop up anywhere any time. Not to mention, a lot of people takes in anti-anxiety drugs to gain control over their behaviour.

However, doctors say to get the best result from anti-anxiety drugs; one can consume melatonin tablets. It enhances the effect of these drugs and helps to ease the anxiety scores of patients apart from including a sound sleep.

Melatonin and schizophrenia

Psychiatrists prescribe melatonin for patients who have schizophrenia or delusional disorder. The primary reason is a sleep disorder, and schizophrenia go hand-in-hand. So, with proper intake of supplement, schizophrenic patients experience sound sleep.

Additionally, the melatonin supplements also improve the side-effects of various other anti-psychotics such as metabolic syndrome, hypertension etc.

Melatonin and clinical depression

Lastly, a lot of researches and case studies over the years have shown that melatonin is related to depression. Depressed patients lack the secretion of melatonin and hence experience a lot of adverse conditions.

Hence, melatonin tabs help to suppress various depressant activities. However, scientists are still carrying on experiments to unravel the exact role of melatonin in the treatment of depression.

With constant improvisations and researches, researchers are finding way outs to manage and treat a plethora of mental disorders. In the coming years, with the breakthrough progress of melatonin capsules, treatment of these neural problems will be way easier.

Ending note

Often a lot of people doubt on these tablets and the side effects. However, melatonin supplements are made of herbal ingredients are completely safe and free of any adverse effects. With a precise amalgamation of naturally vital components, the supplements are ubiquitous.


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